Return to Normalcy with a Nasal Spray Preventing COVID-19 and Beyond…

How does COVIXYL-V nasal spray work?

As the SARS-CoV-2 virus takes hold and starts to develop in the nasal passages, the nasal spray traps, inactivates and helps to remove the virus naturally to reduce the risk of infection.

COVIXYL-V works via blocking virus at the nasal tissues and removing it (if the virus does not attach, it is washed away by mucous secretions.) It helps naturally remove the inactivated virus by blowing the nose or in normal nasal secretions.

Three steps for usage:

Step 1. Spray: Apply 2-3 sprays at each nostril.

Step 2. Block: The unique formula with ELAH (Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate HCL) blocks viral attachment to nasopharynx and helps prevent the virus from developing and spreading.

Step 3. Remove: Due to action of natural secretion, the inactivated virus naturally removes from nasopharynx outward to the nose or inward to the stomach.

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Thank you doctors and nurses

Many thanks to doctors and healthcare workers in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.